Studio & Location Experience Sessions

I regularly organise and run group photography sessions at my studio to give photographers the chance to experience working in a studio with studio lighting and modifiers.  They do primarily take place at the studio but I also organise “big experiences” at various locations.  By using experienced models, even if you are not a confident people photographer, you will always get some great images. These sessions are for all levels of photographer from beginner to advanced and there is always assistance and advice on hand to help you achieve results.

There is a cost involved but it includes use of the studio and equipment, model fees, venue costs, props and refreshments.

The cost for the sessions can vary depending on model fees and possible location expenses but are usually between £20-£30 per photographer if studio based to £60-£100 for a full day experience session on location.  The maximum group size is 6 for studio sessions and no more than 10 for location sessions.

As long as you have a camera with a manual setting and a hotshoe to attach a lighting trigger to, you can participate in the sessions.

Refreshments are available and I am happy to assist you in setting up your camera for the session and answer any questions you may have.  It is a good way to try out studio work without too much pressure.

If you would be interested in one of these sessions, please contact me to find out when the next one is scheduled or keep an eye on my Facebook page for details of upcoming events.





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