I’ve been waiting what seems like ages to post this blog but when secrets and subterfuge are required, I have to bide my time……let me explain.

I first met Julie a few years ago when she wanted us to make a gift for her partner by having a Boudoir Session. We had great fun doing the shots.  Julie and Mark then came to me earlier this year as they were getting married and would like me to be their photographer.  There were some unique and subtle differences to this particular wedding.  Nobody else knew they were getting married yet!!

Julie and Mark had arranged to go to Zanzibar for a “holiday” and while they were away, the plan was to get married there.  On their return, they would let their family and friends know they were now husband and wife and invite them all to help them celebrate in November with a blessing and celebration in the UK.

As always, I was excited about the whole thing and we met up in September for a pre-shoot at Whitlingham Broad.  The weather had been awful that day, but it dried up and the sun came out as well when we arrived.  Mark had had to leave the house with Julie in his work clothes to keep up the pretense that he was going to work, then changed when he arrived at Whitlingham Broad.  It was good fun!

Julie had been planning all the invitations, booking the venue, etc. for weeks and weeks but trying to keep it all secret and make it a surprise for everyone!  We have fun on the pre-shoot, here’s a few images for you to enjoy and I wished them luck with their adventure.













So off the Zanzibar Julie & Mark went for a fabulous holiday / wedding / honeymoon and had a fantastic time!  Here’s a shot from their wedding day.

Now everything is in full swing, the invitations have gone out, all systems go for their wedding celebration on St Andrew’s Day 30th November 2018 (Julie is from Scotland) and what a celebration it is going to be!  So sometimes secrets and subterfuge can have great consequences……comment, share & enjoy!

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