Weddings/Civil Partnerships

A personal, yet professional wedding photography service is always provided for your special day, including a pre-shoot to help you enjoy your day even more.

Wedding Photography Packages are available to suit all budgets starting from £395 for my Simple Ceremony Package ideally suited to a Registry Office ceremony. Almost all come with a personally designed wedding album or Gallery Book with the images of your choice and website access for all family and guests. Digital files are also available to purchase.

Prints and digital files are available via my website for all your guests to view and purchase direct at competitive prices.

A booking fee of £250 secures your special date in my diary with a signed contract.

A memorable day with memorable images for you to treasure.

For details of all the photography packages on offer or to discuss a unique wedding photography package, please contact me or download the brochure here – there is no obligation even if we get together for a chat. I’m happy to discuss further options for your big day xx

Please take a look at the video below and I’ve included some Frequently Asked Questions below which might answer any queries you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there different packages?

Different packages are there for two main reasons, budget and time. I cater for various budgets, because weddings are based on various budgets.  There is always the option to be able to upgrade from one package to another with just the price difference between the packages themselves.  The other reason for the different packages is time, some couples now decide to zoom off on honeymoon after the wedding breakfast, and would not need a professional photographer to stay for the evening.

If you have to travel outside the normal area, are there any extra expenses incurred?

Only if I travel more than 60 miles from my own address or have to stay overnight at a local B&B, otherwise all travel expenses are included in the packages.

 How many pictures do you take on an average wedding?

I am never be guided by the amount of pictures taken. There is no set limit to the amount of pictures taken. You cannot fix the amount of pictures to take, because you never know what is going to happen on the day, I just keep taking them.

How many photographers will attend the wedding?

I use a second photographer at your wedding as it is impossible for me to be in two places at once.  For example, if the couple require preparation photos.  This is included in most of my packages.

What do you do about food on the day?

If I attend a wedding for more than  6 hours, I will state in my contract  that I need to have some food at the reception while you are enjoying theirs. This usually consists of a small meal or sandwiches.

How long will you take over the pictures?

After the main ceremony I would ideally like to have at least one and a half hours for the pictures, if not a little more, but not always in one section.  This is ample time to manage the main group pictures and romantic pictures of the couple themselves.

Which type of cameras do you use?

I am fully digital and have been for several years. The flexibility of the digital system allows me to really show my creative flair for fantastic wedding pictures. I use Olympus cameras, along with Olympus and Panasonic lenses.

How many pictures will you show us?

This will depend on the package and length of time I was attending your wedding.

How do we choose the pictures for our album?

I will present all the pictures to you in the form of a password protected gallery accessed via my website.  You choose your pictures from this for the album.  I would, however, recommend another meeting after the wedding to choose your album.  All guests can choose prints and products from your personal web gallery too.

Do many couples have more than the set amount of pictures in their album?

Yes, all the couples that I photograph choose more pictures than are standard in the albums. This is charged at a standard rate per page irrespective of how many prints you have on the page. A page is also defined as both sides.

Can we choose different covers for our albums?

The albums we use are all hand crafted in Leather, Leather Like, Natural Products, Suede, Brushed Metal and more.  All the albums are book bound to the highest quality.

How much editing is used on the pictures?

There is just enough editing on the pictures to look at tone, colour, sharpness and general appearance. There may be options to produce an avant-garde or fine art image if required.

How is the album designed?

We will lay out the album here at the studio and provide an email proof of the album design which we will send to you.  After any changes have been made the album will be ordered. It may take up to 6 weeks for the album to arrive and be populated with all your wonderful pictures, but delivery times can be only three weeks.

Can we get parents albums?

Yes, parent’s albums are supplied from the same source as the main albums. They are either 6″ square, 8″ square depending on your choice of album size and are a duplicate of your own album.  The cost for these is on the price list provided or included in your package.

How else can we see our pictures?

We can provide a variety of wall art and framed images unique to you. We can provide multi-framed sets, an option of frame material and print finished too.  There is also the option of a digital slide show for you to keep and show friends. This is supplied for a nominal fee of £49.95 per copy.

Are there any hidden extras in the pricing?

Absolutely not, all of our prices include VAT (at the current rate), and everything is explained to you during our meetings.

How many times do we meet before the wedding?

Usually 2 or 3 times, but given some geographic locations of weddings, this may be cut down to one main meeting, emails and telephone calls.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the studio and we can discuss them with you.


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