Competitions – Why Enter Part 2 – Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

I posted a blog earlier in the year about entering Competitions and why we, as professional photographers, do this.  As mentioned in the earlier blog, running a professional photographic studio is not easy, even more so in recent times, because everyone is a “photographer”.  Not only are you competing with other professional photographers, but you need to constantly keep abreast of new trends, ideas and keep your creative energy alive. I was watching a programme on television recently and heard a phenomenal fact – apparently last year more than a trillion photographs were taken by people on holiday.  Not all of them will be great photographs, but it’s mind-blowing how many images we see on a daily basis.  But what sets a professional photographer apart from everyone else?  Why would you decide to use a professional photographer?  Here are just a few of the most important reasons:-

  1.   You are buying their impeccable service to you, not just the pictures they take.
  2.   They are properly insured which gives you peace of mind.
  3.   They have artistic vision and an “eye” for an image which will set them apart from others.  Their attention to detail will also be invaluable in creating that unique photograph just for you.
  4.   They have professional equipment which is regularly maintained, serviced and upgraded when necessary.
  5.   They do this everyday – its their profession and they’ve invested in education and training for it.
  6.   They use professional software and know how to use it.
  7.   And last but by no means least  –  you deserve the BEST!

I am an active member of various professional Associations and Societies, the Societies or SWPP, the Master Photographers Association or MPA, the National Photographic Society or NPS and The Guild of Photographers or just The Guild.  There is a wealth of knowledge, support and educational training available within these bodies which is invaluable.  We learn, flourish and improve only by receiving critique and feedback on the images we produce and move forward with our skill and expertise by learning new ones.

the guild of photographers





Each of these organisations run monthly competitions with various categories.  They are all extremely important to help you see what your fellow photographers are producing, new ideas and whether your images fit well with the company they keep!

This month, I was ecstatic to find out I had been awarded a Gold and 2 Highly Commended Awards from the NPS in the monthly competition.  Apart from dancing around the room when I found out, it was even more poignant as all three images had come from one studio session.  Consistency in quality and production of work is the key when it comes to hiring a professional photographer.  Here are the images for you to enjoy.  If you’re looking to hire a photographer for either a social occasion, a family portrait or a commercial venture, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




Beautiful New Products – The Memory Box and USB/Mini Book – Photography Norfolk

Really excited. My new products have arrived just for you! There’s a beautiful Memory Box in 10″x10″ square or 12″x8″ landscape or portrait format, completely bespoke to you which contains 10 of your favourite images superbly printed on board for you to display anywhere in your home.

There is also the USB/Mini Book box. Again a completely bespoke finish just for you with a USB containing digital images and a flush mounted mini book with your favourite 6 images to treasure.

With a multitude of finishes available, you’ll be spoilt for choice!  Available for portrait, family, lifestyle, newborn and pet sessions as well as a wonderful gift for weddings.  Comment, share & enjoy!

Planning for your Photo Session – Family & Portrait Photography East Anglia

How to Have a Relaxing Photo Session

Most of the stress around a session is typically preparing for the day.  So I’m here to help you be prepared and relaxed.

A Week Ahead

Get out the outfits you want to wear and get everybody to try them on. Make sure the all fit well and nothing needs repairing.  Once they are all tested, wash and press them. Put them to one side so no-one can wear them.  While you are there, select whatever shoes, jewellery and other accessories and props you might want.

One Day Ahead

Pack up the bag for the session including snacks, drinks etc. Have a family chat about how fun it is going to be and that it won’t take too long.  Make sure your children have toys or books just in case they have to wait for something.

On the Day

Get everyone fed, ideally a light meal so they are still alert and not posing on an overfull stomach. Don’t get your family dressed until after everyone has eaten, washed their faces, applied make-up and brushed their teeth.

On the way over.

Allow yourself a few minutes extra travelling time, just so you are relaxed about the journey. You don’t need to be a half hour early, but five minutes early will be fine.  If anyone wants a drink on the way, then no coloured drinks just in case.








On the shoot. 

If someone is getting thirsty or hungry, then a quick snack (a biscuit or sweet) or drink is fine.  It can be a little warm sometimes.  Don’t get impatient if the children are excited or want to move around, it’s a different environment so they’re bound to be inquisitive.  They reflect your own mood – as long as you are relaxed your children will be too.  With very young children sometimes they just need a five minute quiet cuddle, that’s fine, I can always fit them into your session.









The main thing is to have fun and enjoy it!  The more you enjoy the session the better the photos will be!  My studio sessions are only £49 and include a complimentary gift and £50 voucher towards a bespoke wall art product of your choice.  Christmas is only round the corner so it’s a great time to get your family portrait updated – and they make great presents too!

Portrait Sessions are a lot of Fun! – Studio Photography Norfolk

Sometimes it can be a little daunting coming to a studio for your portrait or family session.  It’s not that bad – honestly!!  I guarantee you’ll have fun and come away thinking “I don’t know why I was worrying about that!”  Here’s a little slideshow to show you what happens – comment, share & enjoy!

Who on earth should we book? – Finding your Wedding Photographer

Getting engaged and planning your big day is no mean feat.  You will save hard because it’s an expensive thing to do;  what with venues, dresses, flowers, DJ’s, cars, make-up and hair stylists and, of course, the proverbial photographer to pay for, you want to be sure you’ll be getting the best professional service at the right price.  A little pause for thought as everyone knows a “photographer”, who can take a decent picture which is absolutely fine if you don’t have any expectations of your finished images.

You may spend anything from £2000-£3000 on your big day up to the dizzy heights of over £25,000.  Either way, whatever your budget for this once in a lifetime occasion, you’ll want a set of images to be proud of and love, so you can re-live that day over and over by the power of beautiful imagery.  Before you entrust your magnificent day to a “photographer” you or family and friends know, will you be getting that set of images to be proud of and love to re-live your big day.

Yes a professional photographer costs money, but so does your venue, dress, suits, flowers, cars, DJ, make-up and hair stylists and you want the best for your day, yes?  If you’ve decided to really push the boat out and spend several hundreds or thousands of pounds on your dream wedding dress, you’ll definitely want a beautiful picture of you wearing it that is sharp, in focus and shows all the detail and effort you have gone to for the most important day of your life.  A professional photographer has learned their craft and skill through training and experience, they will have a Plan B, C and D if things don’t go to plan on the day.  Their camera equipment will be professional, serviced and more than capable for the day ahead.

Without wanting to bang on for too long, if you are thinking about who to photograph your wedding and even if your budget is tight, please, please, please consider a professional photographer.  There are various budgets catered for by all photographers and there is bound to be one just for you.  If you’re about to meet with any prospective photographers to discuss your big day in more detail, I’ve produced a set of questions for you to ask them.  Any professional photographer worth their salt, will not flinch at being asked these questions and should be able to answer them for you quite easily.

Click here to download your copy.

All I ask is you carefully consider what you will have left after your fantastic wedding day.  Yes you’ll be married, presents from your family and friends, possibly a mini-moon or honeymoon to look forward to and wonderful memories of that day.  The only solid story of your day will be in the photographs taken by your photographer to capture those memories forever.

wedding photographer norfolk



Please feel free to share this blog with friends or family who are planning their special day and I hope it helps you in your quest for those memories of a lifetime.

“Save the Date”, Invitations & Thank You Cards

“Save the Date” and thank you cards have become much more common these days and with good reason. People’s lives are so much busier than they used to be and making sure your favourite family or friends can come to your big event means letting them know as soon as you can.

A “Save the Date” card is usually much more informal than your invitation, but there is no reason why you can use it instead of a formal invite.

It is best to send them out as soon as you can. If your wedding is likely to fall during school holidays or around Christmas when many people travel then best to get them out REALLY early.

We have a number of options you can choose for your Save the Date or Thank You card.

Simple Postcard

Does exactly what it says on the tin. You can have plain or pre-printed backs or half and half. Leave yourself enough space for a handwritten message or just stick a stamp and address on a pre-printed card.

Double Cards

These come with smart envelopes. Perfect if you want to be a bit more posh with your cards. You can include 1 or 2 different photos if you want.

Signature Boards

Not strictly “save the date”, but we can also make you a mounted print that people can sign at the wedding.

Short and Standard Sessions

We offer short mini-sessions just to capture 1 or 2 images for a Save the Date as well as our normal engagement session for a more complete and creative shoot or choose one of your big day pictures for a Thank You card.
For more info, please get in touch.

Claire & James – Wedding at Park Farm Hotel

It seems ages ago when Claire and James tied the knot but it’s only just over 2 weeks!  The weather was kind and the excitement was building all morning.  It was a beautiful ceremony and wonderful reception at Park Farm Hotel complete with tractor kindly provided by Ernest Doe of Wymondham.  It was a lovely touch!  The whole day went according to plan and myself and Steve, my second shooter, thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of capturing the images.  Weddings are probably still my favourite commissions because everyone is unique.  Comment, share & enjoy!















Schirin & Grant – Wedding at Lenwade House Hotel

Schirin & Grant – Wedding at Lenwade House Hotel

What a wonderful weekend!  I was lucky enough to have been asked to photograph Schirin & Grant’s wedding at Lenwade House Hotel last weekend.  What a journey I have been on with this lovely couple.  Schirin & Grant live in Germany as Grant is in the Army and it was Grant that came and saw me for a wedding consultation in the first instance.  If my memory serves me right, he was asked to organise certain aspects of the wedding, and getting the right photographer was one of them.  I didn’t meet Schirin until later at another meeting.  They are a lovely couple

Once everything was booked, Schirin was looking for a surprise present for Grant on the wedding day and decided to have a Boudoir Shoot at my studio.  Again, we had a great time taking shots, changing backdrops and posing in some of Grant’s uniform!

Schirin and Grant’s pre-shoot took place at the beach in Bacton, and the weather was kind, albeit  a little windy, and we got some lovely images, one of which they chose for a signature board for the big day.

Time flies by and the big day is upon us!  The weather had been awful during the week but it came through for Schirin & Grant’s special day.  The sun was shining and you could tell it was going to be a spectacular day.  Schirin looked stunning and Grant was so smart in his uniform.

I am in the throws of editing and producing Schirin & Grant’s final gallery of images for the world to see.  It is such an honour and privilege to be allowed to be part of such a special day.  I hope you like the preview.






Creative Photography – Letting Loose with your Imagination

I have recently been shooting some pretty amazing creative photography sessions and letting my imagination loose, so I thought it was time to show you all.  The first one was the beautiful mermaid session followed by the most recent, the Unicorn Shoot.  With the help of the wonderful Hayley Bird, Make-up Artist and the ever patient Cathy Wilson as our model, I think we excelled ourselves!

make up artist, creative photography, unicorn

creative photography, unicorn










I have created a little video for you to see, showing the preparation, some of the shots taken and my final image of fantasy.  I hope you like the results.  If you would like to take part in a creative shoot, I organise these on a regular basis for small groups at my studio in Wymondham.  It would be ideally suited to a camera club group if you’re looking for something a little different for your studio session.  Please get in touch for more details by clicking here.  Comment, share & enjoy!



Exciting New Products have just Arrived – Photography Products Norfolk

I am really excited to show you 2 new products available at Belinda Buxton Photography.  They are absolutely beautiful and don’t cost the earth either!  They are just the right size and price for everyone and I’m hoping you will love them as much as I do.

First we have the cutest Little Art Block – superb for any wall.  Your favourite image flush mounted on a 1/2″ solid block which will hang beautifully on your wall.  Why not choose 2 or 3 images and make a montage of blocks for your home.  The round edged block comes in 10″x8″ size and is only £49.  A fabulous addition to any home.

Little Round Block 10x8


And then comes the Little Memory Book.  A premium layflat photo book with 24 sturdy pages and a choice of colours, etc for the cover.  It comes in 7″x5″ size only but is perfect for carrying around and showing your family and friends.  Each page is printed with a lustre finish on thick white substrate, making the pages sturdy and long-lasting.  A Little Memory Book with 24 of your favourite images displayed for only £79.  Just right for everyone!

Little Memory Book 7x5

If you would like to take advantage of either of these splendid products, get in touch and book your photo session now.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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